Annick & Serge

Tatiana rocked! We are giving her a special shout-out for making our wedding day memorable. She is definitely at the top of our recommendation list. Thanks again for everything.

Stella & Donald

As MC for our wedding, we liked the service she provided. Firstly, she worked with another MC, and she cooperated very well with him that our guests thought that they both work together. Secondly, she also worked in covering the unexpected time and delay with songs, jokes and our biographies. She showed us that she really knew us as a couple and individuals which was really good. She really did a good job, she is punctual, fluently bilingual, interactive, fun as an MC and she knows how to balance everything during the party. Although we had two different cultures, she adapted very well and balanced out both cultures. Thank you for everything!!!

Paul Elie Hioba Hioba

Ex. President of COCACO

She had a good connection with the public, she was very clear, loud, well understood & good at improvising to fill in the gaps. Her presentation along with other features made the evening/ gala a success. Although the programming was a bit challenging, she managed alongside her co-host to pull it together. She also invested herself efficiently in the coordination of the entire evening. The road map wasn’t always clear but she managed to make something out of it. The situation wasn’t always right but she did as she could to be efficient. Moreover, she was and stayed professional during the entire evening.

Hervé Ngamby

Elle n‘accuse aucun stress, bonne diction et expression orale, bon usage des 2 langues simultanément et pleine de confiance. Mes normes ont été atteintes de façon  très considérable. Elle avait fait une bonne gestion du temps. Chaque intervenant a eu droit à une présentation courte, concise et bien explicative. Je n’ai rien eu à lui reprocher durant tout l’évènement. Elle avait bien agrémenté la soirée. Bravo! Continuez avec cet élan.

John Forster - Odysee Theatre (General manager)

The event was a great success — She did such a great job in keeping the event moving, energetic and dynamic, making sure people know where to go and what was next and keeping things fun and positive! Reminding guests that we were there to raise funds in a nice light way. She really helped make it a fun and successful afternoon.

Nikita & Daniel

Tatiana was our main MC at our wedding on July 18th and she did an excellent job!!! It was impressive to see because she was dealing with multiple nationalities and as we all know; it is difficult. She was engaging, funny, entertaining and so much more. I also commend her for her professionalism. She is punctual and follows your guidelines should you have them. There was never a dull moment. I noticed that as my guests were congratulating me on my wedding, they would also mention how wonderful my MC was and many of them will book her for their events. You will not regret having Tatiana there. If you want peace of mind and a great event, I highly recommend Her.

Elise & Landry

She is a great and entertaining MC. Nous étions satisfaits. Elle a bien géré le programme malgré tous les changements et les imprévus. Nos Invités ont également trouvé qu’elle a bien animé la soirée.

Elle a également beaucoup contribué au succès de la journée à travers l’interprétation et l’animation.