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With a BA degree in communications, a BA degree in translation, and an MEd in leadership, evaluation, and policy studies, author Tatiana Nouya is well-versed in these fields. She is a blogger, communicator, interpreter, and translator. On this blog and website, she offers her poetry and thoughts on various things because she enjoys writing. Tatiana Nouya, who resides in Canada with her husband and kids, spends her free time mentoring and coaching young people throughout the world and helping in preparing them to face the real world. She is skilled as a master of ceremonies and at entertaining guests.

The Roommate: Space-sharing Adventures; Experiences to Give Insight to Every Student and Adult! shares Eve’s stories with every roommate she has had as a student coming to Canada from Africa. Having come from Africa—a different country and a different continent—she was met with a lot of new things she is unfamiliar with. In Canada, Eve learns lessons not only inside the classroom but also in her day-to-day dealings with people. While written as fiction, this book is a great guide to every student or adult who is facing the same circumstances as Eve, venturing into an unfamiliar world.

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