Tatiana began her event-hosting journey in 2010. While preparing for a cultural event at the University of Ottawa, a friend suggested that she emcee the event. She gladly accepted the offer and has been hosting ever since. She has hosted weddings, galas, banquets, concerts, seminars, private parties, talent shows, award shows, and Radio & TV shows both nationally and internationally. Tatiana has grown into a great public speaker and a captivating MC. She is good at improvising and passionate about entertaining people. She is an ACTRA member and serves as a spokesperson and voiceover artist.

Upon obtaining her degree, she worked in communications and marketing and later embarked on her translation and interpretation journey, which she still pursues today. Drawing from her diverse educational background (B.A. in Communications, M.Ed. in Evaluation & Policy Studies, and a B.A. in Translation), she has gained knowledge, skills, and confidence over the years to perform her communication and translation duties happily, effectively, and gracefully.

She is a native French and English speaker who works as a communicator, translator, and interpreter. She has worked in the medical, automobile, legal, academic, non-profit, private, and public sectors over the years. Her 13+ years of experience have granted her access to diverse individuals, organizations, and audiences.

In addition, she recently published her first book, “The Roommate,” to share tips on how to excel as a roommate. As an arts major, she blogs, writes, and reviews articles for individuals and organizations around the globe. Contact Tatiana Nouya to ensure your content is creative, user-friendly, and captivating for your target audience.

She believes individuals have gifts and talents that help them live fulfilled lives. So, she explores her gifts and talents daily and strives to develop them going forward to be the best version of herself.

Tatiana enjoys taking risks and trying new opportunities. As stated by Nelson Mandela, “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” Through this quote, Tatiana strives to remember that everything is achievable if she only tries, hence the motivation behind her constant pursuit of growth and success.